Welcome and hello!


We are The Sunshinery. Our mission is to spread sunshine through the products we sell and the communities and local artisans we believe in.


When shopping in our store we want you to feel like summer--or at least a long weekend --is just around the corner.  


We only stock products -- gifts, housewares, jewelry, beach house faves and beauty goods -- that make us happy. And what makes us happy are socially responsible makers,  hard-working women - owned businesses, passionate artisans and local artists. 

Our products are locally sourced as well as sourced from our favorite places around the U.S.. We plan, as soon as we get our feet firmly planted in this crazy world, to give back to the community in new and uniques ways.


We have so many ideas. We can't wait to share them with you all. 

We are kicking off this big dream in our favorite city, and hometown, New York City. 

We're so happy you're here. 


xo Jenn