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The marvelous Mary Behr

When I first met Mary Behr, I was intrigued by her love of Cowboy boots and Nancy Drew, in awe of her tenacity, and enamored with her passion for her summers spent at the Lake. Her family had been property owners lake side on Lake George for generations — the cabins, the characters, the naked waterskiing, all intertwined in my mind as an almost mythical place as she shared stories with me over artichokes and red wine week-nights after work.

It’s years later and Mary has moved to the Lake full-time, enjoying a life of artistry, outdoors, and of course ‘the summer season’, and her modern quilts capture all of it.

Quilts have always been a passion of hers. And these quilts have become a way to literally wrap yourself in the lake, in the comfort of a quilt and a good memory.

If you’re heading up to the Lake, and stumble upon Hague NY, seek out Mary Behr for an outstanding variety of handmade quilts and so much more like truly awesome, vintage water skis. (It’s a small town, just ask a local, you’ll find her latest shop

.) She and her art are not to be missed.

Photo by Mary Behr,

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