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Summer reading

Reading has always been the ultimate escape. Bored, sad, angry, anxious, reading is a get- away. Even if just temporary.

Anxiety over an upcoming project, that out-of-control schedule, or something horrific on the news? Try something light-hearted, whether mystery or memoir. Late-night insomnia when everything scary is so much scarier? Kids books like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory help keep nightmares at bay.

The one exception to reading for escape is summer reading. Summer reading is a way to enjoy the already enjoyable. It’s the kind of reading that enhances an already great day, whether you’re at the beach, mountains, or a fifth-floor walk up in the city.

I read some of my most memorable beach books in the summer. (Beach Music anyone?) I spent summers lifeguarding with John Grisham and Michael Crichton and Maeve Binchy. There was the summer I read The Stand. Twice. Because it was unlike anything I had ever read before. And the summer where my BFFs and I sat on the beach trading Oprah's book club faves. (She’s Come Undone)

Summer reading is a way to relax, unwind, escape. Just like summer itself. ::

Can’t find a book to dive into? Here are three summer beach reading lists to get you started.

Mental Floss – for cool and interesting reads you won’t find on other lists.

Oprahs’s 2019 best beach reads – for the types of top-reads you’d expect from the amazing woman herself.

Slate’s ultimate summer reading list for kids – for any kid whether they hate or like to read. Slate put 110% into developing this list. It’s worth it.

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