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We love gifts! Even more we love customizing unique gifts or party favors for your special get together. We'll happily pull together unique favors for a dinner party, birthday party, corporate event, shower, wedding or whatever! 


Why choose The Sunshinery to source your gifts

1. Bespoke gifting. We take each request, talk it through with you to understand the party better — what's the theme, the non-theme, what people like, what you hate, what you want to share, your favorite color, etc. --and then search through our library of amazing products from brands and artisans making a difference in the world. We'll then put together a few options for you to choose from.

2. We highlight companies that are high on values.  We love to source from companies that prioritize making a difference in the world, whatever that is and however that looks to them. 

3. Big or small.  We believe in thoughtful gifting with purpose. And love that tiny gestures can go far in making people feel good. We'll find the perfect token dinner party gift or board member thank you. We can also source for bigger events like weddings, or corporate retreats. 

Email us for more information or to set up a 15-30 minute consult call.

Image by Kristina Balić
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